Ideal Township

Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Special Meeting October 25 2018

Thursday, October 25, 2018 - 9:00am
Minutes Status: 

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 am.  All Board members were present. The Clerk, the Deputy-Clerk, Chief Schultz, and Terry Card of Herzog Roofing were also in attendance.

A letter responding to comments from a Transfer Station hauler regarding the process taken for contracting a new hauler was discussed. The comments and the response letter had been reviewed by counsel and was found to be appropriate. The Board agreed, signed the letter, and directed the Clerk to mail as soon as possible.

Terry Card made a presentation on the process, materials, and options related to the Herzog Roofing proposal to replace three sprayfoam-covered sections of the Town Hall roofing surface. The areas include the flat roof area over fire hall bays 1-3, the slightly-sloped area over fire hall bays 4-5 & 8-9, and the sloped area over the town hall main meeting room, kitchen & office.

The process proposed adds up-to 30 r-value of insulation and provides a new water-tight seal over the existing roof structures using a Firestone .060 mil EPDM roofing system. The process & materials are 100% warranted by the manufacturer for 15 years. Proposal includes periodic inspections and repairs as needed during the warranty period. Card expected the roofing to remain functional for 20-30 years. Work could be scheduled for Spring once the weather is appropriate and major work & weather sealing would take about one week with some finish trim work to be done after roofing has settled. Contractor will work with Township staff to minimize disruption and to maintain normal function of the Town Hall & Fire Department activities.  Price of the materials & labor as proposed is estimated at $91,260.

Discussion continued regarding details of the Herzog proposal, the options available, billing policy, and work schedule. Supervisor Johnson asked Card for an update of the proposal to consider that the work is to be done next spring, to include possible structural repairs that may be needed, and to account for some options being considered. Supervisor Peterson asked for materials & labor to be bid separately on the updated proposal.

Further discussion amongst the Board and staff looked at the other proposals that had been requested and those that were received, how the costs could fit into the 2019 capital projects budget & tax settlement schedule, and concerns about the overall condition of the facility.

Several roofing companies had been contacted and 3 had responded with proposals that ranged from $18,860 to just re-spray foam over the existing up to $111,100 from another company for a replacement using a similar process & materials to the Herzog proposal.

A report showing activity in the General Projects fund was presented by the Clerk showing a current balance of $55,118.55. Future balances were discussed with a 2nd half 2018 tax payment of about $55,000 due to be received from the County in early December. The 2019 fund budget is set as $110,000 and so the 1st half 2019 tax payment is due around July 1. Final payment for the project could be scheduled to coincide with that 1st half payment leaving about an $60,000 fund balance, allowing a buffer for unexpected costs, and keeping well within the fund balance policy minimum.

A discussion of the overall condition of the facility took place noting it was difficult to know the condition of the structure under the existing roof surface. Peterson commented that whatever was discovered in the process would have to be fixed at the time. The Clerk suggested having a deeper inspection to see if any structural issues can be determined prior to committing to the roof expenditure. There are a few other repair & maintenance projects pending for the facility and those should also be considered when deciding on the roof project.

Board action on the topic was tabled until the November 13th Board Meeting.

There being no further business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 10:40 am.

John Plein
Ideal Township Clerk
November 10th, 2018

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