Ideal Township

Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Board Meeting July 2019

Monday, July 8, 2019 - 7:00pm
Minutes Status: 

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Peterson at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. All Board members, the Clerk, the Deputy Clerk, and 4 others were in attendance.

Motion by Ommen, second by Bilek to approve minutes of the June 17th Board Meeting and the June 27th Special Meeting as presented. Carried unanimously.

Al Sharp of Sharp’s Forestry Consulting gave a report on the results of the timber sale on a parcel near the Transfer Station. He monitored the sale & harvest and considered it to be quite successful. Approximately 31 acres were used to harvest 2495 tons of material. Some oak went to the Amish community near Park Rapids and some aspen was sold for pulp, but most of the material was chipped and sold for biomass. Based on the contracted sale price of $10 per ton, the sale proceeds total $24951.90. All load & scale tickets were provided along with a check for the total owed minus the down payment and an invoice for Sharp’s management fee. Chairman Peterson asked about whether the parcel should be replanted and Sharp recommended waiting 2 growing seasons and then he can come back to see what regeneration has taken place naturally and decide about replanting.

Supervisor Bilek presented the Planning & Zoning report as follows:

  1. Discussed the sideyard & lake setback variance request by Stuart Workman to allow a new deck and garage addition to the existing structure at 35353 Birchdale Villa Drive. Motion by Peterson, second by Bilek to recommend approval with no conditions.
  2. Attended DRT meeting earlier today and discussed plans for Valdes project on Ossawinnamakee Court. They have a lot of preparation to do yet before making their application, so won’t expect final info for a few months.

Chairman Peterson presented the Road and Bridge report as follows:

  1. Road crew has finished first pass of mowing.
  2. Had Ziegler come in to do annual maintenance on the new tractor.
  3. Crew has been working on some shouldering.
  4. Anderson Brothers completed the patch for the west end of Peoria Road where it intersects with CR16.
  5. Crew installed mulch for the area between new cold storage part of the maintenance building and the driveway.
  6. Expecting to get work schedule for the chip sealing. Info has been posted on the website and will be updated as more schedule info is available.
  7. There were no safety incidents.

Supervisor Ommen relayed a resident’s comment about potholes on South Kimble Road and expressed appreciation for the quick response from the road crew. The potholes were fixed before he got over there to check. Peterson noted that the crew had just gotten some patching material and so the timing worked out well.

Chairman Peterson presented the Fire Department report as follows:

  1. Run report for May shows 13 calls – 12 medical & 1 false alarm. A busy month for first responders.
  2. Looking to sell the trash pump from Station 2.
  3. Need to have wifi installed at Station 2 so that Active911 devices can update while in the station.
  4. Working to get final FAA certification for the helipad at Station 2. Need to get a height easement from neighbor on west side and may need to have some trees moved.
  5. Received the Relief Association audit documents today. The association board will present results at the August Town Board meeting. Discussion of the relief association benefit level took place. Peterson presented handouts showing the effect possible increases would have on the fund position. The association currently has accumulated 389 benefit-years so a $100 benefit level increase requires a $38,900 increase in fund balance to maintain the fund position around 100%. Need to plan for these increases that are necessary in order to be competitive with neighboring departments. Our association’s benefit level has fallen behind compared to other departments in the area.
  6. When a firefighter physical exam suggests follow up is needed, that follow up care is the responsibility of the firefighter.
  7. Had issues with the rescue ATV at Station 2 during a recent rescue so have decided to put tracks on to make it more versatile when pulling the rescue trailer. Chief Schultz has secured a $1500 donation from Timothy Township and is asking the Lions Club to help pay for the equipment. The remaining portion will be paid from the non-levy first responders fund that has accumulated over the years from other donations.
  8. There were no safety incidents.

Supervisor Bilek presented the Transfer Station/Recycling Center report as follows:

  1. Have received some nice compliments on the station.
  2. Now have containers for recycling glass only. The website & disposal guide have been updated and the attendants are talking to users to let them know about the separate containers. Have filled several containers already so more have been brought in. Glass makes up the bulk of commingled recyclable material weight, so the hauler is looking for ways to reduce costs by keeping as much glass separate as possible.
  3. June receipts were $14,501; year to date is $38,736. That is about $4000 higher than last year’s to date amount.
  4. Permits sold in June was 221; year to date is 859.
  5. Have gotten agreement from Waste Partners to provide trash containers for the Beef Feed.
  6. Looking at possibly putting in concrete pads for the recycling containers.

Supervisor Ommen presented the Buildings, Grounds, Parks & Recreation report as follows:

  1. Moving projects along working through the list.
  2. The upstairs room ceiling is painted, whiteboards are installed, and lights have been updated. Working on plan for getting carpet installed.
  3. Roofing contractor is waiting for materials to finish last section of roof repair.
  4. Reviewed estimate from Advantage Seamless for replacing the gutters above bays 4, 5, 8 & 9 at $1475. Will go ahead to have them done before Beef Feed.

Chairman Peterson presented the Legislative & Research report as follows:

  1. The MAT L&R Committee meeting is coming up in September. The Clerk will forward info about the meeting to the Board members.

The Clerk presented the treasurer’s report. Motion by Peterson, second by Ommen to accept the treasurer’s report for June as presented. Report includes receipts #5811 through #5845 totaling $419,320.49 and disbursements #SL060119 through #PERA062819 for total of $119,703.78 plus operating funds transfers. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Ommen, second by Bilek to approve the July claims as presented, claims #44067 through #44100 totaling $54;189.75 with a hold on #44100 until the Big Island DNR grant money is received to cover that check. Carried unanimously.

The Clerk presented several items of other business:

  1. Reported on options available on the copier lease. Motion by Bilek, second by Peterson to get the new copier with lease at $57 per month and continue service contract with The Office Shop. Carried unanimously.
  2. Notice of cable TV programming changes from Charter Communications.
  3. Invitation to attend the Sourcewell Region 5 Summit in October.
  4. Report on website activity showing 571 users and 1,458 pageviews in June.
  5. Upcoming calendar items were reviewed.

Peterson presented a sample ordinance regulating placement of obstructions in road right of way to be considered in the future. He will review and present a draft ordinance at next meeting. He is also considering adopting other ordinances to regulate driveways, a road standard required before accepting new roads, best-practices for traffic signage to follow the Minnesota standards, and to regulate utilities in the right of ways.

There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

John Plein,
Ideal Township Clerk-Treasurer
July 18th, 2019

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