Ideal Township

Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Annual Town Meeting 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 8:00pm
Minutes Status: 

The Town Clerk called the meeting to order at 8:00 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  There were approximately 20 residents in attendance.

The Clerk called for nominations for Moderator of the 2018 Annual Township Meeting.  Motion by David Peterson, second by Mary Plein to nominate Paula Schaub.  There were no other nominations. Schaub accepted the nomination.

The Moderator asked for any changes to the proposed agenda provided. There were no changes offered.

Motion by Jeff Feltmann, second by Tom Johnson, to accept the minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting as presented.  Carried unanimously.

The annual Board of Audit Report was read by the Clerk. Motion by Dave Peterson, second by Curt Johnson to accept the Board of Audit Report as presented. Carried unanimously. The Board of Audit Report, the Annual Audit & Financial Statements, and the Auditors Communications Letter are available on the township website.

Moderator Schaub requested the results of the Ideal Township Annual Election.  Following are the results presented by the Election Judges and read by the Clerk: Supervisor, 3-year term John Bilek 52 votes. There were no other votes cast. Based on the election results, John Bilek was declared winner of the election.

The Moderator asked to affirm the Township banking facilities.  Motion by Dave Peterson, second by John Bilek, to use the same banking facilities as in the past – First National Bank North and American National Bank.  Carried unanimously.

The date and time for the 2019 Ideal Township Annual Meeting and Election was set.  Motion by Bill Wortham, second by Ken Stoltman, to hold the Annual Election between the hours of 5 pm and 8 pm with the Annual Meeting to begin at 8 pm.  All will take place at the Ideal Community Center on Tuesday, March 12th, 2019.  In case of inclement weather, Election & Annual Meeting may be postponed to Tuesday, March 19th. Carried unanimously.

The Road & Bridge report was read by David Peterson. He added that the Township roads represent a value of about $12 million based on cost of paving. He also described the cost savings the Township gains by cooperating with Crow Wing County on road construction & maintenance projects. Other highlights of the year included:

  • Road sign replacement working to get all signs up to current specs over a 5 year period.
  • Established first Residential Roadway which allows Township to set an enforceable 25mph speed limit on Township roads less than one-half mile in length. Northview Harbor Lane was first and will be working to do the same for all Township roads that qualify.
  • Continued mailbox support policy that provides conforming swing-away mailbox supports to residents when doing road construction projects. Over 100 supports were provided in 2017. Call the Town Clerk to order a support.
  • Participating with the City of Jenkins, the Township of Jenkins, and the Crow Wing County Highway Department to study feasibility of having wider shoulders on CR 145 to allow safer pedestrian & bicycle use.
  • Worked with County to install a dynamic feedback speed sign on CR 39 at south end of 35mph zone.
  • New tractor on order expected to be received around June 1. The old tractor & mowers had required multiple repairs recently that had delayed road maintenance. New tractor is Cat Challenger MT455E with new Diamond brand mowers. Old tractor will be sold to highest bidder.

Bill Wortham asked about progress on reconstruction plans for Nelson Road. Peterson said that Pequot Lakes is still working on transition with the Hwy 371 turnback, so expect it to be awhile before they can address their share of the Nelson Road project. Dick Wilske recounted complaints he has heard about CR 39 not being snow plowed quickly. County staff had told him that it is a secondary road so gets attention after others are done. Wilske urged residents to voice their comments to the County. Motion by Dave Peterson, second by Curt Johnson to accept the Road & Bridge report. Carried unanimously.

The Fire Department report was read by Chief II Ken Stoltman. Paula Schaub asked how many members on the Department. Stoltman said there were 19 assigned to Station 1 and 4 at Station 2 for total of 23. Motion by Dave Peterson, second by John Bilek to accept the Fire Department report. Carried unanimously.

The Transfer Station & Recycling report was read by John Bilek. He also noted that he had heard many positive comments about the facility and staff. He reported that there had been a robbery at the station recently and that they had tripped the office alarm system. Pequot Lakes Police responded and apprehended them as they were leaving the station. There were no questions. Motion by Ken Stoltman, second by Tom Johnson to accept the Transfer Station report. Carried unanimously.

Bilek also reported on planning & zoning activity in 2017. There had been 95 permits issued. The Township continues to work closely with the County Land Services to review permits and variance requests.

The Buildings, Grounds, Parks & Recreation report was presented by Curt Johnson. A to-do list was compiled of repairs & improvements to be made. Items completed include the new buck-a-bout in the playground and new LED security lights on the Community Center building. He reported on the auxiliary generator installed to power the building during power outages that was acquired with the help of a $10,000 donation from the Ideal Community Service Organization (ICSO) and a $2,500 grant from the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA).  He is also looking at connecting the generator to the maintenance building.

Johnson also reported on progress to update the Ideal Township Comprehensive Plan initially adopted in 2004. He is working with staff at the NJPA to prepare update recommendations. He is also working with the law firm of Moss & Barnett to review the franchise agreement with Charter Cable. The current contract is non-exclusive which would allow for other providers to come in and expand service in the Township. Motion by John Bilek, second by Mary Plein to accept the Buildings, Grounds, Park & Recreation report. Carried unanimously.

The 2018 levy proposal was discussed.  David Peterson explained details of past performance and some of the significant changes proposed for the 2019 budget. The projected budget moves some dollars around between funds as the Board is working to allocate actual costs more accurately. Motion by Jeff Feltmann, second by Dixie Grothe to authorize the proposed levy for 2019 at $988,000.

Mary Plein spoke to the group about the activities of the Ideal Community Service Organization and that they are looking for volunteers to serve on the board. Paula Schaub also commented on the work the organization does to support the community.

Jeff Feltmann commented on parking at the Community Center and that sometimes people want to leave vehicles overnight after events. There are signs prohibiting overnight parking in the ballfield lot that raises concerns that vehicles could be towed or ticketed if left overnight. The Clerk noted he has spoken with the Sheriff’s office on this issue and they would not do so without a request from the Township.

Peterson also thanked the moderator and all the residents who attended. And he expressed his appreciation for the other Board members and the Clerk for their support & service to the community.

Peterson commented on some of the public safety improvements made and thanked the ICSO for their support. In conclusion, he declared that he felt that the Township was doing well financially with only modest levy increases and that the residents have a great group of people working for them.

John Bilek spoke to thank residents for their support in his re-election, and that residents are encouraged to let the Town Board know what they can do to help residents.

Motion by Dave Peterson, second by Kay Wilske to adjourn as there was no further business to discuss.  Carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

John Plein
Ideal Township Clerk
March 16th, 2018

Meeting Agenda: 

Annual Meeting & Election

Following is the standard meeting agenda for annual town meetings. Annual town meetings are held each year on the 2nd Tuesday of March at 8 pm at the Ideal Town Hall. Town elections are held on the same day from 5-8 pm prior to the meeting.

  1. Call Meeting to order.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance.
  3. Elect Moderator.
  4. Announce Agenda for rest of meeting.
  5. Approve Minutes of the previous Annual Meeting.
  6. Reading of Board of Audit Report.
  7. Report of Annual Election.
  8. Select Township Banking Facilities.
  9. Set Date & Time for next year's Annual Meeting & Election
  10. Road & Bridge report.
  11. Fire Department report.
  12. Transfer Station and Recycling Center report.
  13. Park & Recreation report.
  14. Set levy for next year.
  15. Open Forum.
  16. Adjourn.
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