Ideal Township

Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Local Board of Appeal and Equalization 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017 - 10:00am
Minutes Status: 

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Peterson at 10 am.  Supervisors Peterson, & Johnson were in attendance, along with the Clerk and representatives from the county land services office, Gary Griffin & Sandra Ehrich. Four residents were present.

Mr. Griffin started the meeting by reading a report explaining conditions and process relating to the assessment of property during the year. He explained the meeting procedure and the options that can be taken by the Town Board.

Griffin also presented a report on the overall changes to value within the township. Total estimated market value was $866,485,100 for 2017 which is
a -0.9% change from 2016. The total value is comprised of four property types; Residential 25.7%; Seasonal 68.9%, Commercial 3.8%; Agricultural 1.6%.

Peterson opened the meeting to residents to present their questions and requests.

Bob Uppgaard asked about an increase of value for a small parcel off Star Lake Drive. The parcel was listed as being .36 acres and value was based on that area. Griffin pointed out that this was a clerical error as the parcel is bisected by a road. When that ROW is removed, the area is only .11 acres and value should be based on that amount. Motion by Peterson, second by Johnson to adjust the market value accordingly, which changes the value from $7800 down to $2400. Carried unanimously.

Terry Fairbanks asked about an increase of value for his seasonal property. A park model home and deck had been added to the lot. He explained that the park model was not permanent. Griffin noted that park model homes are taxable in Minnesota similar to mobile homes. No change was requested.

Bill Gerhardt asked about why his value increased in 2016, but then went down for 2017. Griffin explained how assessors had refined the method for determining land value to include factors such as having utilities on the property such as power, well & septic. He felt that the changes are bringing assessed values closer to market values but they are constantly reviewing properties in effort to make values more accurate. No change requested.

Dan Yavner asked why the value of his property decreased in 2017. Griffin noted that the property was adjusted due to removal of road right of way area. No change requested.

Ehrich presented information on additional requests to be considered as follows:

  1. Flynn property was reviewed regarding questions on the house’s quality level and depth of the lot. The property is already getting a significant adjustment for excess frontage. Griffin felt the valuation is consistent with the area. Motion by Peterson, second by Johnson to make no change. Carried unanimously.
  2. Zunker property was reviewed regarding house quality level. Ehrich had visited the home and found that the quality level was less than expected and recommended lowering value. Motion by Peterson, second by Johnson to reduce value from $1,023,200 to $890,900. Carried unanimously.
  3. Mainose property was reviewed due to the odd shape of the lot which made some of the area less valuable. Motion by Peterson, second by Johnson to reduce value from $156,400 to $89,200. Carried unanimously.
  4. Recommendation by the assessors that the Johnson-Olson property be given a reduction due to removal of mobile home. Motion by Peterson, second by Johnson to accept the reduction as recommended from $48,200 down to $43,900. Carried unanimously.
  5. Jensen property was reviewed as the owners felt the valuation was too low. Motion by Peterson, second by Johnson to accept the increase as recommended from $321,900 up to $375,900. Carried unanimously.

As there was no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 12:35 pm.

John Plein
Ideal Township Clerk-Treasurer
May 2nd, 2017

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