Ideal Township

Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Board Meeting March 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018 - 7:00pm
Minutes Status: 

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Peterson at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Supervisors Bilek & Peterson and the Clerk were in attendance.

Motion by Bilek, second by Peterson to approve the minutes of the February 12th Board Meeting, and the March 2nd Board of Audit Meeting as presented. Carried unanimously.

Chairman Peterson presented the Fire Department report as follows:

  1. There were 2 fire calls and 5 first responder calls during February. Year to date count is 19; last year’s count to date was 16.
  2. Will ask for current officers list to be forwarded to Clerk.
  3. All fire extinguishers have received annual servicing including those in fire trucks, fire halls & community center, maintenance building, and transfer station office.
  4. There were no safety incidents.

Supervisor Bilek presented the Planning & Zoning report as follows:

  1. Reviewed the request to amend the conditional use permit (CUP) for Loon Point LLC to allow year-round use. Motion by Bilek, second by Peterson to recommend approval with no conditions. Carried unanimously.
  2. There had been 3 septic and 1 shoreline permit issued in February.

Chairman Peterson presented the Road and Bridge report as follows:

  1. Participating in bid process with Crow Wing County for road construction work this year. Plans are to resurface a section of Ruttger Road, all of Twin Pond Road, and to realign intersections with Twin Pond & Whitefish Point Roads. Preliminary estimate for this work is $181,680.30. Final bid amounts are expected soon.
  2. Also participating in bid process with the County to chip sealcoat Wildamere Drive with a cost-share with Jenkins Township. Preliminary estimate for this work is $25,918.08. When final bid amounts are received, will finalize cost-share agreement with Jenkins Township.
  3. Motion by Peterson, second by Bilek to authorize the road construction expenditures as presented. Carried unanimous.
  4. Spoke with Ben Withhart from Timothy Township about plans for paving West Arrowhead Road. Plans are to include the road in construction bidding with the County next year.
  5. Crew has been plowing & sanding roads quite a bit this month and changing plow edges as needed.
  6. Salt shed is working out good.
  7. The new tractor is in production and old tractor has been advertised for sale.
  8. Peterson & Maintenance Lead Rahm attended a Minnesota DOT LTAP seminar on extending pavement life that provided some good insights on processes that preserve roadways. Best practice indicates that new pavement be fogged to seal the surface within one year.
  9. There were no safety incidents.

Supervisor Bilek presented the Transfer Station/Recycling Center report as follows:

  1. There had been a break-in and robbery at the station. The fencing around the storage area was cut so they could reach in a remove the bolt to the overhead door. They then entered the office area tripping the security alarm. The Sherriff’s office was alerted who forwarded the call to Pequot Lakes Police who apprehended 3 individuals leaving the station. All 3 were charged with 3rd Degree Burglary, and one was also charged with 5th Degree Drug Possession. As the victim in the case, the Township will be notified of hearings and any disposition or negotiations related to the case.
  2. Year-to-date receipts of $3536 including 168 user permits.
  3. New attendant is working out good and is providing flexibility with scheduling coverage at the station.

The Clerk presented the Buildings, Grounds, Parks & Recreation report as follows:

  1. Installed new LED ceiling light in Community Center entry.
  2. Working with staff at the National Joint Powers Alliance to create photography of the generator for a news story on their Small Projects Program.
  3. Have received reports of trouble using the keypad lock to the gym. Will look into getting the lock replaced.

Motion by Peterson, second by Bilek to accept the treasurer’s report for February as presented. Report includes receipts #5536 through #5550 totaling $75,372.26 and disbursements #SL020118 through #21809 for total of $61,291.39. Carried unanimously.

A discussion took place regarding the proposed 2019 levy amounts by fund, the 2018 budget projections, and the fact that expenditures are being allocated more accurately now. Expenses that have been charged to the General fund in the past, are now allocated to other funds as appropriate. Corresponding adjustments to the fund budgets are reflected in the proposed 2019 levy, but not for the 2018 budgets. Motion by Peterson, second by Bilek to revise 2018 fund budget amounts and make interfund transfers to compensate for the revisions as follows:
1. Reduce the General Fund budget and balance by $30,000
2. Increase the Road & Bridge Fund budget and balance by $8,000
3. Increase the Fire Department Fund budget and balance by $22,000
Carried unanimously.

Motion by Bilek, second by Peterson to approve the March claims as presented; claims #43344 through #43372 totaling $27,543.37. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Peterson, second by Bilek to approve the proposed 2019 levy & fund budgets to be voted on at the Annual Meeting as follows:
General   $145,000
Road & Bridge $218,000
Road Construction $255,000
Fire Department $238,000
Parks & Recreation $    5,000
Recycling  $    5,000
Capital Projects $110,000
Transfer Station $  12,000
Total Levy  $988,000

Carried unanimously.

The draft of the report to be presented at the Annual Meeting was reviewed.

The Clerk presented a series of correspondence items as follows:

  1. The results of the annual water testing at the Town Hall have been received. No coliform bacteria was detected, and nitrate levels are within standard.
  2. Notice from the County regarding a tax forfeit parcel in the Township being reclassified to allow its sale.
  3. A series of donation requests were reviewed. Motion by Peterson, second by Bilek to make donations to same entities & same amounts as last year. Carried unanimously.

Upcoming calendar items were reviewed as follows:.

  1. The Annual Town Election & Meeting on Tuesday March 13th. Polling will be held from 5 to 8 pm, with the Annual Meeting starting at 8 pm.
  2. The National Joint Powers Alliance Open House at 3 pm on Tuesday March 20 at the NJPA offices in Staples.
  3. Spring Short Courses by the MN Association of Townships (MAT) 8 am on Monday, March 26 at the Breezy Point Resort Main Lodge.
  4. The April Board Meeting at 7 pm on Monday, April 9.
  5. The Rural Broadband Conference on Wednesday, April 12 in St Paul.
  6. The Anderson Brothers Town Road Forum at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, April 17 at the Nisswa American Legion.
  7. The Town Law Review Seminar by MAT at 9 am on Thursday, April 19 at the Burnsville Best Western.
  8. The Local Board of Appeal & Equalization at 10 am on Friday, April 20.
  9. The Crow Wing County Association of Township Officers Meeting at 7 pm on Monday, April 23.

There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

John Plein,
Ideal Township Clerk-Treasurer
March 21st, 2018

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