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Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Board Meeting December 2019

Monday, December 9, 2019 - 7:00pm
Minutes Status: 

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Peterson at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. All Board members, Chief Schultz, the Clerk, and the Deputy Clerk were in attendance.

Motion by Ommen, second by Bilek to approve minutes of the November 12th Board Meeting with one typo correction. Carried unanimously.

Chairman Peterson presented the Fire Department report as follows:

  1. Run report for November shows 6 medical calls. Total calls for the year was 97- 84 medical, 6 fire, 1 standby, 1 good intent, and 5 false alarms.
  2. Discussed current number of members and recruiting efforts.
  3. Discussed the apparatus scoring worksheet and condition of the vehicles. Most items scored well and are in good shape. The pickups scored above recommended range due to age but are all in good shape with low mileage so not a concern at this time. Only one vehicle is a current concern – Engine 9512 Tanker at Station 2 – that is quite old. Chief Schultz is participating in the committee looking at options for a replacement and will report on findings.
  4. Looking into options for a sign that could be used to inform people that the Department is recruiting and for other informational messages for the Township. Peterson has reviewed the County regulations for signage and determined that a sign up to 200 square feet could be allowed.
  5. New Chief was elected at member meeting as Chief Schultz has reached his 5-year term limit. Rob Birkeland will be Chief effective January 1.
  6. The Department’s Holiday Party is scheduled for January 11 at Whitefish Golf.
  7. There were no safety incidents.

Supervisor Bilek presented the Planning & Zoning report as follows:

  1. The CUP for Harrison that was discussed last month was approved by the County.
  2. Discussed the Strandjord project on Star Lake for a bluff setback variance. The County Board of adjustment had an on-site inspection and Supervisor Bilek had also visited the site. Motion by Bilek, second by Peterson to recommend denial as there is room to move back and stay within the building envelope. Carried unanimously.
  3. Discussed the proposed Crow Wing County Short-term rental licensing ordinance. There will be a public meeting on the new ordinance on December 31 and the County is currently accepting public comments. The Board directed that one comment be submitted asking to add that licensees be required to be current on lodging tax before being issued a renewal. Motion by Peterson, second by Bilek to adopt Resolution 2019-08 Expressing Support for the County’s Proposed Short-term Rental Ordinance with one correction. Carried unanimously.

Chairman Peterson presented the Road and Bridge report as follows:

  1. Crew has worked through 2 significant snow events already this year.
  2. The belly blade on one plow truck was broken. Crew is waiting for parts to repair, but can still use the truck for general plowing in the meantime.
  3. Received final cost for the chip sealcoating done this year at $83,832 which is about $6000 less than expected.
  4. Received final cost for the reclaim & resurfance work done this year on Ossawinnamakee Road at $254,600 which is about $10,000 less than expected.
  5. Reviewed the snow removal contract renewal with Timothy Township. There were no changes made in terms or rates for the 2-year term renewal. Motion by Peterson, second by Bilek to approve the renewal and send it to Timothy Township for their approval. Carried unanimously.
  6. Reviewed the road maintenance agreement renewal with the City of Pequot Lakes. There are no changes made for this renewal so will sign and return to the Clerk at Pequot Lakes.
  7. There were no safety incidents. 

Supervisor Bilek presented the report on the Transfer Station/Recycling Center as follows:

  1. Reported on the visit by County Commissioners Brekken and Barnes and other County officials. They commented that they were impressed by the operation. As a result of the visit and other information they had received, they announced that the County would continue to fund the recycling program with $35,000 for 2020.
  2. Year to date permits sold is 1229.
  3. Year to date receipts total $81,581; about $7500 more than this time last year.

Supervisor Ommen presented the Buildings, Grounds, Parks & Recreation report as follows:

  1. The carpets in the Clerk’s office and in the small meeting room have been cleaned.
  2. Have scheduled cleaning of the acoustical panels in the gym for December 16.
  3. Received estimates on replacing the steel entry door into Bay #5 from Rasinski Total Door Service for $2250. The old door is rusting out and can no longer be weatherstripped effectively. The door is a non-standard size and a custom replacement sill will need to be fabricated making the repairs more expensive than expected. Motion by Ommen, second by Peterson to proceed with the repairs. Carried unanimously.
  4. Received an estimate from Pete's Cabin Care and Remodel to rebuild the Town Hall utility room to remove & replace the moldy wallboard, replace the water heater and old pressure tank, rebuild the fittings and connectors, and install a water softener. The total materials & labor is estimated at $8747.50. Peterson asked that the contractor clarify the estimate for the water softener portion of the project as it seemed to be excessive. Motion by Peterson, second by Ommen to approve proceeding with the project with cost not to exceed $9,000. Carried unanimously.
  5. Will be purchasing a small rechargeable electric snowblower to assist snow removal at the Town Hall. Cost is less than $300 and can be paid for with credit balance at Menards.
  6. Will look at having Rasinski Door repair the keypad lock on the gym door and to move locks around to facilitate public use of the upstairs meeting room while maintaining separation with the fire hall part of the building.
  7. Will approve the 5-year service contract for the standby generator system.

Chairman Peterson presented the Legislative & Research report as follows:

  1. Committee will meet again soon.
  2. Ommen commented on the discussion at the MN Association of Township’s Annual Conference concerning the allocation to local governments on solar gardens. Wants to comment to L&R Committee that there shouldn’t be local taxes on renewable energy projects.

The Clerk presented the treasurer’s report. Motion by Peterson, second by Bilek to accept the treasurer’s report for November as presented. Report includes receipts #5947 through #5959 totaling $15,134.12 and disbursements #23034 through #SVC112919 for total of $87,851.32 plus operating funds transfers. Carried unanimously.

The Clerk also reported on a series of items related to the treasurer’s report:

  1. Received the monthly report on fine sharing from the county court administrator showing nothing for Ideal Township.
  2. Reported that the second-half levy tax settlement payment from Crow Wing County was received on December 4 in the amount of $392,467.33. That receipt of funds will show on next month’s treasurer’s report.
  3. The fieldwork for the audit of fiscal year 2019 has been scheduled for January 20.
  4. Budget reports showing year-to-date activity are available for review.

The Clerk presented the claims for payment. Motion by Peterson, second by Ommen to approve the December claims as presented, claims #44266 through #44303 totaling $201,474.40. Carried unanimously.

Discussion of the officer & staff compensation policy took place. 

  1. Officer pay to remain at $200 per monthly Board meeting and $21.50 per hour as set at the December 2018 meeting.
  2. Staff wages were reviewed including raises given over the last few years. Peterson gave a report on his survey of wages paid by surrounding municipalities for similar roads crew members. Each staff member’s current rate and responsibilities were reviewed and increases proposed for each. Motion by Peterson, second by Ommen to increase staff wages as proposed for total overall increase of $6.65 per hour split between 7 staff members or approximately 4.8% effective 1/1/2020. Carried unanimously.
  3. Firefighter call rate to remain at $20 each for all types of events-incidents, drills, and activities as set at the January 2019 meeting.
  4. Election judges last received an increase in 2018. Motion by Ommen, second by Peterson to increase rate for election judges from $14 to $15 effective 1/1/2020. Carried unanimously.

The Clerk presented several items of other business:

  1. Presented list of trained election judges available to serve in 2020. Motion by Ommen, second by Bilek to approve election judges as on file. Carried unanimously.
  2. Election judge training for the upcoming Presidential Nomination Primary election has been scheduled for the week of January 14.
  3. Noted that the filing period for the Township election runs from Tuesday December 31 until Tuesday January 14 at 5 pm.
  4. Report on usage of the website shows 386 users and 780 pageviews in November.
  5. Received notice from Charter/Spectrum regarding programing changes.
  6. Set the date for the annual all staff meeting & luncheon as 11:30 am on Friday December 20 at Moonlite Bay Restaurant.
  7. Upcoming calendar items were reviewed. 

Peterson reported on progress regarding the Big Island Joint Powers memo of understanding outlining increased financial support from Crow Wing County. He will present for approval at a future meeting.

There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 10:25 pm.

John Plein, 
Ideal Township Clerk-Treasurer

January 9th, 2020 

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