Ideal Township

Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Board Meeting April 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017 - 7:00pm
Minutes Status: 

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Peterson at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. All members, the Clerk, and four residents were in attendance.

Motion by Bilek, second by Johnson to accept the minutes of the March 13th Board Meeting, and the April 5th Special/Reorganizational Meeting as presented. Carried unanimously.

Chairman Peterson spoke recognizing the many years of dedicated service given to the community by James Brandt. He thanked Brandt for his service & support when Peterson was new on the Board, and presented Brandt with a plaque. Brandt spoke to accept the award and that he enjoyed his time serving on the Board.

Chairman Peterson presented the Fire Department report as follows:

  1. There were 2 first responder runs in March.
  2. There has been 18 calls year-to-date.
  3. The new SCBA equipment is in service and training is completed.
  4. Peterson will be completing the Firefighter I training online.
  5. The Timothy Fire Contract has now been fully executed and their payment has been received.
  6. There were no safety incidents.

Kaylene Ebnet spoke to the Board regarding an upcoming request to have property rezoned to allow splitting the 10 acre parcel into four 2.5 acre parcels. The parcel is currently zoned commercial and will need to be changed to rural residential to allow the split. The classification change will need to be approved by the County Planning Commission, but Ebnet wanted to inform the Board of the request and get their reaction to the plan. The Board had no immediate concerns with the request, but will take formal action when the request is before the County Commission.

Chairman Peterson presented the Road and Bridge report as follows:

  1. The crew has cleaned up the brush pile debris and moved the leaf pile at the Transfer Station.
  2. The crew has been sanding roads as needed.
  3. The plow blades have been taken off the truck in preparation for the summer season.
  4. Crew have been working on brushing some road right of ways.
  5. Peterson has been working to update the bids for the road work on Strawberry Lake Road. The original specs incorrectly asked for a 1” overlay, but 2” is the minimum standard. Anderson Brothers had provided a revised bid, and a new bid from TriCity was expected soon.
  6. Peterson presented a comparison of quotes for the salt shed. Two hoop structure quotes had been received and one for a concrete block/post frame building. He felt that the framed building would provide a lower-maintenance option at lower cost. A final quote will be secured for a slightly larger building – 32x60’ rather than the 28x54’ one quoted. Motion by Johnson, second by Bilek to approve the plan to build the larger shed, not to exceed $60,000. Carried unanimously. Johnson offered to research possible grants to help cover the cost.
  7. The Clerk presented a Resolution to pursue fact finding regarding the widening of County Road 145. The Resolution shows Board support of the City of Jenkins, and the Township of Jenkins in their effort to look into the feasibility of widening the road to make it safer for motorists, bikers, and pedestrians. Motion by Peterson, second by Bilek to adopt the Resolution. Carried unanimously.
  8. A final cost share agreement had been executed with the Crow Wing County Highway Department to chip sealcoat approximately 3 miles of Township Roads. The final cost was put at $50,866.48 including the County’s administration fee. This represents a significant savings over contracting the work independently.
  9. Received a haul roads letter from Anderson Brothers stating that they will repair any damage done to Nelson Road and Wild Acres Road caused by their trucks hauling during the coming construction season.
  10. There were no safety incidents.

Supervisor Bilek presented the Transfer Station/Recycling Center report as follows:

  1. Attendant Anderson had given notice effective 4/15/17, but she would consider filling in until new attendant was in place.
  2. March 2017 receipts were about the same as in 2016.
  3. A press release and advertising are being prepared to inform the public about the change to spring hours – open on Wednesdays & Saturdays 8am-4pm starting on April 19th.

Jim Brandt asked about the collection of firewood for Big Island. He would like the wood to be separated so that blocked wood stays in its own pile which makes it easier for the volunteers to do the splitting. Bilek said they would be kept separate and that they are encouraging that wood brought in be already blocked.

Supervisor Johnson presented the Buildings, Grounds, Parks & Recreation report as follows:

  1. Had received a revised quote from Evergreen Electric for the generator installation of $5500. And he is researching the sourcing of the generator via the State cooperative purchasing venture, or NJPA to get best possible deal. NJPA has a contract with Grainger that includes generators, and the Clerk presented a price list for comparison.
  2. Gave a brief update on progress with the Community Garden project. Still working on putting together a steering committee to guide the project.

Supervisor Johnson gave a Legislative & Research report as follows:

  1. Had received an update on Township legislative issues at the MN Asssociation of Townships Spring Short Course in Walker.
  2. Following the progress on bills giving townships more authority to defend orderly annexation agreements between townships and cities.
  3. Researching the debate on the buffer strip law meant to prevent agricultural pollution in public waters.

Motion by Bilek, second by Johnson to accept the treasurer’s report for March as presented. Report includes receipts #5309 through #5324 totaling $17,076.93 and disbursements #SL030118 through #21192 for total of $46,555.80. The report included an update to the Fund Balance classifications list. Carried unanimously.

Motion by Bilek, second by Johnson to approve the April claims as presented; claims #42907 through #42949 totaling $16,434.42. Carried unanimously.

Supervisor Bilek asked the Board to consider increasing the benefit level for the group life insurance coverage provided to Board members. The increase would bring the death benefit up to $20,000 and cost an additional $80 per year for each member. Motion by Bilek, second by Johnson to increase as presented. Carried unanimously.

A discussion of dental coverage for the Board and employees took place. The Township currently provides coverage for employees, but not for Board members.

The Clerk presented a series of correspondence as follows:

  1. Liquor Licenses for 3 businesses in the Township are up for renewal. Johnson asked if there is a fee for liquor licenses in the Township. The Clerk responded that there is no fee established for the Township and was not aware of the fee structure, if any, imposed by cities, the county, or other townships in the area. The Clerk with research whether it is common for townships to impose license fees.
  2. The periodic water testing at the Town Hall was conducted and the first report showed no coliform bacteria present. Other test results will be reported as they come in.
  3. A thank you card was received the Crisis Line for the Township’s donation.
  4. An invitation to the annual Crow Wing County Historical Society Dinner.
  5. Quotes from Apple Inc’s governmental procurement division was presented for two iPads to be used at the Transfer Station. Motion by Peterson, second by Johnson to accept the quote. Carried unanimously.

Upcoming calendar items were reviewed as follows:

  1. The Anderson Brothers gathering for cities & towns on April 18 in Nisswa.
  2. The MN Association of Townships Legal Course on Thursday, April 20 in Otsego.
  3. The Local Board of Appeal & Equalization on Friday, April 21.
  4. The Crow Wing County Association of Township Officers Meeting on Monday, April 24.
  5. The May Town Board meeting on Friday May 8th.

There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.

John Plein,
Ideal Township Clerk-Treasurer
April 28th, 2017

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