Ideal Township

Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Fire Department Specs

  • 24 Fire Fighters
  • ISO Rating of 7 (within 5 driving miles of Station #1 and of Station #2), otherwise it is a rating of 9.
  • Five dry hydrants (Locations: Wildamere Drive, South Arrowhead Drive, Wabigoniss Shores, Silver Peak Road and Butternut Point Road).
  • Equipment includes:
    • One 75 foot aerial ladder truck with 1,250 GPM pump (500 gal. tank)
    • Engine with 1,250 GPM pump (1,000 gal. tank)
    • Rescue equipment engine with 1,250 GPM pump (1,000 gal. tank)
    • One 2000 gallon tender truck
    • Tender/engine truck with 750 GPM pump (2,000 gal. tank)
    • 1000 GPM water supply truck
    • 2 grass rigs
    • 26’ Maco Fire & Rescue boat (located on Pig Bay of Lower Whitefish Lake)
    • 4x4 ATV & rescue trailer
    • UTV, capable of Wildland Fire/Rescue
    • Cold water / Ice rescue equipment
    • Auto Extrication rescue tools
    • Thermal imaging cameras and gas detectors.
    • Mobile cascade system for refilling self contained breathing apparatus
    • Radio system (800 MHz)
  • Total gallons carried is 6,500.
  • Mutual aid with all area fire departments.
  • 2,000 feet of large diameter hose for moving water and 3 dump tanks that are 2,000 gallons each.
  • All Ideal Fire Fighters are Fire Fighter I or Fire Fighter II certified.
  • Certified RIT (Rapid Intervention Team)
  • Certified First Responders
  • Lighted helicopter landing zone to assist with medical evacuations (station two)

Officer Duties

  • Chief (chief 1) Management, Public Relations, Budget, Fire Ground Operations.
  • Assistant Chief (chief 2) Reporting, Budget, Fire Ground Operations.
  • Chief Three (chief 3) Training Officer, Fire Ground Operations.
  • Captain One (captain 1) Personal Equipment and Fire Fighting Equipment.
  • Captain Two (captain 2) SCBA, Gas Dectors, Thermal Imagers.
  • Chief Engineer, Truck Maintenance

If you have comments or questions about the Ideal Fire Department, please contact Dave Peterson, the town clerk, or any supervisor.

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