Ideal Township

Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Special Meeting October 21 2019

Monday, October 21, 2019 - 7:00pm
Minutes Status: 

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Peterson at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Chairman Peterson, the Clerk, the Deputy Clerk, and 6 others were in attendance. Supervisor Ommen participated via video conference.

Motion by Ommen, second by Peterson to approve minutes of the September 9th Board Meeting as presented. Carried unanimously.

Resident Dale Orred presented several items to the Town Board:

  1. Report on benefits given this year by the Minnesota 100 group which supports members of fire, police and first responder departments in Minnesota.
  2. Presented a donation of $250 towards Fire Station 2.
  3. Reported on a dead tree in the right-of-way on Father Foley Rd.
  4. Reported on potholes on Father Foley Rd. Supervisor Peterson will pass message to the maintenance crew to get them fixed.
  5. Expressed appreciation for the removal of a large dead tree in the triangle at end of Father Foley Rd and asked that the debris from the stump grinding be cleaned up.
  6. Asked for details regarding the road standard resolution being considered and how that might affect existing ROW obstacles. Peterson responded saying the new resolution is not retroactive, but that residents may be asked to remove obstacles that are placed within the 12’ clear zone next to the road surface. Residents with troublesome obstacles will be contacted as issues are identified.

Resident Dave Johnson expressed concern about excessive speed on Ossawinnamakee Road and asked if the radar check trailer could be placed on the road. He also asked why the Township changed the speed limit signs from 30 to 35mph. Peterson pointed out that the 30mph limit was not enforceable as it was posted without statutory authority. Townships are authorized to establish rural residential districts with 35mph limits on roads that meet a minimum number of residences. The only other option Townships have is to post a 25mph limit on roads that are less than a half mile long. Otherwise MN DOT requires a traffic speed study before determining speed limits on Township roads.

The Clerk presented the Planning & Zoning report as follows:

  1. Reported on result of 4 cases that the Township had previously submitted recommendations.
  2. Discussed the variance & conditional use permit request by Richard Harrison. The case was to be considered at the planning commission meeting last week, but we had not received information on the commission’s action. 

Chairman Peterson presented the Road and Bridge report as follows:

  1. Discussed the annual certification of road mileage required to receive state road aid. The list of roads was reviewed and appeared to be accurate. The one adjustment was to recently added Woodcrest Lane that was measured to be .002 miles longer than originally listed. Motion by Peterson, second by Ommen to certify total road mileage at 48.687 miles. Carried unanimously.
  2. Presented Resolution 2019-06 Adopting Road Specification for All Town Roads. The resolution sets standards for any new road that is to be accepted for maintenance by the Township. The standards outlined is not intended to be retroactive to existing roads, but would provide guidelines when working on road issues. Discussion included comments regarding criteria for maintaining a clear zone along roads. Motion by Peterson, second by Ommen to adopt Resolution 2019-06 as read. Carried unanimously.
  3. Road salt has been delivered and the crew is working to prepare the salt-sand mixture.
  4. Snowplows have been remounted on the trucks.
  5. Crew worked with a tree service to remove several large trees & stumps from ROWs.
  6. Crew has installed new speed limit and “share the road” signs on Ossawinnamakee Road.
  7. Have asked Crow Wing County Highways to perform bore samples on a section of Ossawinnamakee Road to determine if the correct amount of base was installed. The section appears to be lower than expected and may cause drainage issues.
  8. Attended the MN DOT Fall Expo in St Cloud and collected info on a replacement for the older plow truck.
  9. A meeting is being planned to discuss plans for reworking Wild Acres, Nelson, and Buschmann Roads which are shared with Pequot Lakes, Jenkins Township, and Breezy Point. Some engineering was done a few years ago and will be used as a starting point for decisions on how to improve those roads which see considerable traffic.
  10. There were no safety incidents. 

Chairman Peterson presented the Fire Department report as follows:

  1. Run report for September shows 9 medical calls. 
  2. Working on process for assessing the condition & capabilities of fire apparatus that should help to develop plans for replacements and a better idea of equipment needs.
  3. Reported on efforts to upgrade the well at Station 2 to provide capacity similar to Station 1. Two vendors have been contacted about the project. Lambert Wells has responded with concern that conditions in the area may not be such that the capacity requested is not possible. They would like to drill a test well to determine if conditions are present to allow that capacity.
  4. The annual state fire aid of $25,861.79 has been received and will be forwarded to the Relief Association as is required.
  5. There were no safety incidents.

There was nothing to report on the Transfer Station/Recycling Center.

Supervisor Ommen presented the Buildings, Grounds, Parks & Recreation report as follows:

  1. Discussion of the request by the Legacy Church to use the Community Center for their Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon activities. Pastor of the church, Bruce Rauma was present and provided information on the request. Concerns have been raised regarding coordination of the church activities with other events including some that occur on Saturday but are cleaned up on Sunday. Rauma offered that their members could help with cleanup, if necessary, to help insure the facility is ready for their activities. Ommen also suggested that a fee for the rental may be considered and noted that the church could not expect to store equipment at the Community Center. The church is looking to start using the center on December 1. Ommen offered to meet with Rauma to resolve remaining concerns. Peterson noted that he welcomes the group and that other renters can be informed that their cleanup must be complete by 9 am on Sundays.
  2. Looking to contact Ronnie or Ryan Schultz to get advise on the utility room repairs. Wondering if he would want to be the contractor for the project or if he can recommend someone. The room has water damage and mold so needs to be rebuilt and install new water heater & water conditioner.
  3. Had questions on details of the estimate to repair the entry door in truck bay #5. Some of the interior framing around the door is water damaged and not sure if that part was included in the estimate. The door replacement is the priority so will proceed with that part and then look at the interior repairs.
  4. Received an estimate to repaint the lines on the gym floor, but wants to wait until he can research other vendors and possibly get another estimate.

Chairman Peterson presented the Legislative & Research report as follows:

  1. Attended the MAT L&R Committee meeting to help in developing the agenda for next year’s township association’s lobbying effort. Discussions included many topics such as transportation funding, solar energy projects, and the upcoming presidential nomination primary election.

The Clerk presented the treasurer’s report. Motion by Peterson, second by Ommen to accept the treasurer’s report for September as presented. Report includes receipts #5908 through #5927 totaling $46,526.93 and disbursements #SL090119 through #22971 for total of $61,234.79 plus operating funds transfers. Carried unanimously.

The Clerk also reported on a series of items related to the treasurer’s report:

  1. Have completed the signatory update at all 3 financial institutions to remove former Supervisor Johnson and add Supervisor Ommen.
  2. Received the monthly report on fine sharing from the county court administrator showing nothing for Ideal Township.
  3. Received notice that an employee has applied for unemployment benefits that indicates a charge to the Township of $1287.32 if all benefits are distributed.
  4. Received notice from our bond advisors, Ehlers, Inc., indicating that current market conditions for refunding the bond would not generate sufficient savings to be considered. The bond was issued to finance the rescue pumper truck and the last payment is due on January 1, 2020.
  5. Budget reports are available for review.

The Clerk presented the claims for payment. Motion by Peterson, second by Ommen to approve the September claims as presented, claims #44184 through #44229 totaling $108,070.21. Carried unanimously.

The Clerk presented several items of other business:

  1. Reported on the upcoming presidential nomination primary election on March 3, 2020. The Clerk attended a meeting of clerks with the Crow Wing County election administration office that discussed the current legislation regarding the election. The Clerk will be working to develop a list of election judges that are available to serve so the county can coordinate training and scheduling to cover the election.
  2. Received notice asking for public comment on proposed changes to the MN Pollution Control Agency rules governing water quality standards. None of the specific waters affected are located in Ideal Township.
  3. Received notice that the Township is party to the national class action lawsuit asking for reimbursement of costs related to the opiod crisis. The Township may opt-out of the class by notifying the court before November 22nd. Based on the expected settlement and the population of the Township, our estimated share would be about $295. Opting out would enable the Township to file it’s own individual suit to recover costs. No action is required to remain in the class action.
  4. Received notice from Charter/Spectrum regarding programing changes and price increases for cable TV service.
  5. Reported on the number of events held at the Community Center in 2019 showing that there were 193 community group events, 27 paid rental events, and 30 classes.
  6. Upcoming calendar items were reviewed. 

Peterson spoke about the MAT planning & zoning training seminar that he & Ommen attended. Based on the topics covered, he feels that the Township should not do it’s own P&Z work. Otherwise would like to have a memorandum of understanding with county to define expectations for the P&Z process within the Township. Ommen commented that it would be a good way to improve the relationship with the county land services department.

Peterson spoke about the Big Island Joint Powers Board agreement between the Township, Crow Wing County, and MN DNR. He has met with Commissioner Brekken and attended the County Meeting of the Whole and discussed the issues with the agreement. Ideal has been covering much of the costs but the county is now offering to contribute to cover some costs and is working on a new, more equitable agreement.

There being no further business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

John Plein, 
Ideal Township Clerk-Treasurer

October 31st, 2019



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