Ideal Township

Crow Wing County - Minnesota

Special Meeting January 30 2019

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 - 9:00am

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am.  All members were in attendance, along with the Clerk, Deputy Clerk, ChiefSchultz, and one resident.

Chairman Peterson started by explaining that the purpose of the meeting is to prepare for the transition out for Supervisor Johnson.

Johnson explained his situation that is forcing him to resign. He is selling his house and will no longer be residing in the Township and so will not be eligible to serve on the Board. He will deliver his resignation letter to the Clerk within the next couple days. He commented that he has enjoyed serving on the Board and would like to see his projects through to completion.

Johnson reported on status of each of four projects that he has been working on:

  1. Charter franchise renewal newest version has been reviewed by counsel and a final draft has been submitted to Charter for their input. One issue to be resolved included questions regarding whether a public hearing was needed to institute a franchise fee which could delay the process. Our counsel determined that a hearing was not required.
  2. TDS franchise application is in process with the required notice published in the Echo setting the public hearing to occur at the March 11 Board Meeting. Johnson noted that it seemed that TDS intends to be aggressive with rolling out their new services in the Township.
  3. Roof repair project proposal from Herzog Roofing has been accepted and will include all the offered options. Total cost with options is $107,340 but does not include any repairs to the roof decking that may be needed. The Board previously authorized expenditure for the project up to $115,000. Currently waiting on more detail on the work schedule, but expect it to happen as soon as weather allows in the spring with completion well before the Beef Feed.
  4. Comprehensive Plan update working with Sourcewell to develop plan for making and adopting the update. Bill Wortham was instrumental with the first plan and will look for his assistance in this project.

Peterson said he would like Johnson to continue helping the Township complete these projects. He recommended that the Township execute a contract to define the scope of Johnson’s work as consultant. Supervisor Bilek asked what the compensation would be for Johnson as consultant. Peterson said would be defined in the contract but that keeping it at same hourly rate as Board members receive seemed reasonable and asked the Clerk to begin drafting a simple contract.

Peterson also reported that he had spoken with Bill Wortham about him taking the vacant seat on the Board until a new Board member is installed after the election in March. Peterson set a Special Meeting for 1:00 pm on Wednesday February 6th to accept Johnson’s resignation and then appoint Wortham.

Johnson asked whether the Township had descriptions for staff positions to define the scope of work. The Clerk replied that generally there was not formal job descriptions although details had been defined for the Deputy and for Transfer Station attendants in the past. Discussion continued regarding details of the Deputy’s duties and progress.

The Deputy and Clerk then asked if the discussion may have gotten off topic for the purpose of the meeting. Chairman Peterson agreed and noted that if would be good for the Board to receive a report at each Board meeting on activities of the office staff.

No Board action was taken.

There being no further business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 10:20 am.

John Plein, Clerk-Treasurer
February 8, 2019



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